Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You Know Your a Teacher When...

Jeannie over at Kindergarten Lifestyle is hosting a very cute linky party titled  "You Know Your A Teacher When...".  If you want a good laugh, go check out what some other educators have posted on their blogs.  Here are mine...

Go link up and laugh along with us.

Happy Blogging!



  1. Avoiding shopping at certain places is soo true! I just taught a half day on Thursday and for lunch I went to a local bagel stop.... most of my calculus class was there as well. Sometimes it is too difficult to avoid them.

    The Crazy Adventures of a University Graduate

    1. On Friday, my family and I went out to dinner to our local Cracker Barrel. I ran into three of my little cuties. Apparently it is the happening place on Friday evenings. The little ones are always so cute when I see them off of campus. It is like "Mrs. Greene? What are you doing not at school?" I think they really do believe that I live there. :)