Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feeling Appreciated

You have to admit, many times in our career we don't feel appreciated; however, today was not one of those days.

Today, after school, my entire staff threw me a "Teacher of the Year" surprise party!  It was awesome!  Of course, it was beach themed (just like my classroom)!  They invited my entire family (I can't believe THEY kept it a secret from me.) And...the best part...was each grade level did a short skit in honor of me.  Yes, little ole' me.  They had me laughing so much that my ribs still hurt.  I'm sure I lost a few inches in my abdominal region just from the laughter.

Now I am not one who cries easily, but today I even shed a few tears (the good kind).   Well, if you were watching a video presentation of former students stating why they loved you so much when they had you in kindergarten, I am sure you would cry too!

My co-workers also made a wonderful scrapbook (since they know this is a hobby of mine as well).  My teaching bud, who is next to me, had all of my students say what they like about being in my class.  It was so sweet!  A few of my favorite quotes from my current students are as follows:

1.  Mrs. Greene likes a quiet classroom.
2.  Mrs. Greene likes clips because she gives out a lot.
3.  Mrs. Greene colors very pretty.
4.  Mrs. Greene has silky smooth pretty hair.
5.  Mrs. Greene likes to go shopping because she is always giving us stuff.

Aren't my students just the cutest?  By the way, for the record, #2 does get a lot of clips and if #1 thinks my room is quiet...he must be deaf I think he needs his hearing checked.  I don't know of any Kindergarten classroom that is quiet (but I loved the comment anyway!).

Anywho, we ate lots of yummy food (on top of the lunch that I had already eaten since I knew nothing about this party) and had a great time!  I have to say, my faculty at my school has always been like an extended family to me.  I have been there for over 15 years.  Many have known me through my two pregnancies and have even taught my children.  They make teaching even more enjoyable!

Well, that's it!  That was my day!  I feel so blessed and appreciated right now and I just wanted to share that wonderful feeling with my new blogging family.

Thanks for listening to me and I hope that each and everyone of you gets to feel appreciated in this way sometime during their teaching career.

Happy Blogging!


  1. Congrats! Sounds like you have a very sweet and supportive staff!
    Forever in First

  2. Congratulations! You are so fortunate to work with such a supportive staff. I love your students' comments, too.


  3. Awww, how sweet! Congratulations on being named Teacher of the Year! It sounds like you had an amazing day!

    Lil' Country Kindergarten

  4. Everything about this post is so sweet! I know you have created a memory that will last a lifetime! =)

    You are wonderful and completely deserve it! You are touching tons of hearts...even with us big people! =)

    Heather's Heart