Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy 100th Day of School!

Today was our 100th Day of School and boy was it exhausting fun!

Here are some pics of all the great learning activities that we did today with the number 100.

First, we started our day by coloring our 100th Day Crowns (sorry, I can't remember which blog I got these from so if it was yours, please refresh my memory).

Then, it was onto our 100th Day Rotation schedule.  I have a wonderful kindergarten team and each year we rotate our kinders through stations that are set up in each classroom.  Here is what the kiddos do in each classroom:

My room:  crowns
Mrs Via's room: 100th day trail mix (children count 10 sets of 10 to create trail mix)
Mrs. Lewis' room:  Jack Hartman counting to 100 songs/exercise
Mrs. Roses' room:  100th Day Fruit Loop necklaces

After the children returned to my classroom we had time to begin our "I Can Write 100 Words" work (write the room):

After lunch, we colored Zero the Hero.  We were predicting what we thought he would look like since they knew that he would be visiting us in person for the first time:

Tomorrow we will be using these pictures as the illustrations for our class "Thank You" book to Zero the Hero (a.k.a. our Assistant Principal).

After special area, we returned to the classroom where we were greeted by Zero the Hero who had a special treat for us:

After our visit and class picture with the REAL Zero the Hero, it was time for math.  We used the brightly colored craft foam hands that I found at the Target Dollar Spot to practice counting by 5's to 100.  Then we made counting by 5's cupcakes:

We finished our day by working in cooperative groups to complete a 100 piece puzzle.  I was so proud as all four groups were successful in completing their puzzles in under 30 minutes.  Oh, while we were working on our puzzles, we listened and sang a variety of counting songs that I found on Youtube.  Just simply type "counting to 100" in the search engine, you will find them.

Tomorrow is 101 day of school.  I have all my 101 Dalmatian activities set in place to make that day a fun filled learning day as well.  

I guess I better get started on my ideas for day 102...103....104...

Happy Blogging!

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