Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Leprechaun Traps

Easter Word Mixup Center

Rainbow Poems & craft

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What State Are You From?

I'm linking up with Fifth Grade in the Middle to share what state I am from.

This looks like a fun go check it out!

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Saturday, March 9, 2013


Is it REALLY March already?

Where did February go?

I must have blinked.

A new month means....time for Currently with Farley.

Here's what is going on for me right now...

Yes, as you can see...I'm procrastinating this morning.

I have been on Facebook, more than once.

I have read all the current blog posts, more than once.

I have gone onto Pinterest, more than once.

And now I am doing my Currently blog post....don't worry, I won't do it more than once (even though, it is tempting).

Can you tell I am avoiding something?

I am!

It is that wonderful time of year.


No, it's not Christmas again!

It's time for that "O" word.

You know the word I'm talking about.

The word that every teacher dreads to hear.

Have you guessed it yet?



Now, after twenty years in the classroom, you would think that I would be fine with the "O" word.

In the past, I have always been fine with it.

I would tell them to stop in anytime they wanted and they would see me in action!

But now, someone has come up with a new process that they believe will BE BETTER AT DETERMINING A TEACHER'S LEVEL OF PERFORMANCE (You know...there is always a better way to do something.)

Because we all know that observing a teacher only once "in action" with a few additional 5 minute walk throughs will provide any administrator with adequate information on that teacher's ability to instruct.  Right?

Oh, and did I mention that we have to write a dissertation as well.  You know, prior to the visit so that administration will know EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE TEACHING AND HOW WE ARE DOING IT.

I am sure MANY of you are going through this process as well and are experiencing the same level of frustration regarding the new process.

I guess it is just my time to VENT about it.

I don't know how you feel, but as an educator, I personally feel that my time would be better spent doing other things to prepare for instruction, than spending six hours writing a dissertation on ONE LESSON.

But as I often say...."It is what it is!"

So, as always, I will NOW bite my lip and do what is expected of me.


For those of you who have stuck with me, thanks for giving me the time to vent.

Now, I am off.

Today I will clean my house (I have never been so excited to clean.)

I will do loads of laundry (I might actually let the kids roll around in dirt in their clean clothes just so I can have extra laundry to do.)

And, at some point today...

 I will WRITE MY DISSERTATION (unless my computer decides to CRASH).

Until next time,  Happy Blogging my friends!


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Read Across America Classroom Fun

We had a SEUSSICAL week last week!

  • We actually read 30 of Dr. Seuss books.
  • We had special dress up days all week (silly sock day, funny feet day, hat day, red and blue day, and green day).
  • We tried green eggs and ham (well some of us did).
  • We made Cat in the Hat pops.
  • We had guest readers.
  • We got special birthday presents each day from the Cat in the Hat bag.
  • We sorted and counted goldfish crackers.

Here are some images of all the "funnier than funny" fun we had.

 Thing 3 enjoying his green eggs and ham.

 We graphed if we liked them or not.  This is a freebie found at

We enjoyed wearing our "hats" on Friday.

 Here is a pic of the Cat in the Hat Pops.
Easy to make.
Dip half a marshmallow in milk.
Dip it in red sugar.
Put three on a skewer.

 Loved using this freebie I found at Lil' Country Kindergarten.  
Thank you, Marlena!
I just LOVE her Hidden Picture Hundreds Charts and so do my kids.
Go check her stuff out on Teachers Pay Teachers.

They were so cute that I had to hang them in my room.

What did you do to celebrate Read Across America Week?

Happy Blogging!