Sunday, February 19, 2012

Recycled Storage

I just love Clutter Free Classroom's linky party.  I am getting so many wonderful storage ideas.  

Since I am playing catch up, today I am posting my response for week 6's challenge:

  I just love when I find a clever way to use a storage container or find items that I can alter to make into great storage.  Originally the item that I upcycled was used in my own house.  I used this item to house paperplates, forks, spoons, and knives in my kitchen.  

However, when I purchased a new one, I didn't need this one anymore.  It sat for awhile in a donation box until one day I decided that it would work perfect on my teaching desk at school.  I hot glued a starfish on the front (to go with my beach theme) and brought it into the classroom.  

Here is another look at it's great organization:

From this top view, you can see that I keep the most used items in the three sections in the front (grading pens, pencils, pens, and my digital camera).  In the large back section, it houses any half sheet paper notes that I may need on a daily basis (behavior notes, clinic passes, accident notes, conference request notes, reward notes, attendance cards, calendar).   I have all of the organized in alphabetical order with handmade dividers.

I find that it is very convenient to have this stuff right on my teaching table with me because all these items are used very often.

So even though I originally purchased this basket for my home, it ended up being an upcycled storage container for my classroom.  

This seems to happen often with me.  I love to purchase storage containers and then I find myself purchasing storage containers to replace the storage containers that I already have.  Hmmmm...sounds a little OCD doesn't it?  Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me?

Happy Blogging!


  1. Me! I love this post because it is so true. I just found your blog and now I need to follow it!

    1. Fran!!!! I am so honored you are following me! I just love your blog and have followed it since I started blogging in July. I also loved your presentation at the Everything Kindergarten Expo. You are awesome! Thanks for following!!!!!!

      :) Ann

  2. Ann, Congratulations you won our St. Patrick's Day Math Packet Giveaway! You didn't leave your email address for us to send it to you. Send us your email and we will send it your way!
    SueBeth and Robynn

    By the way ... great way to reuse the basket!

    1. Awesome!!! I must be the luck of the Irish!!! :)