Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Currently...Feeling a bit STRESSED!

It's link up time!

Farley is inviting us to link up with her for the September Currently Linky Party.

As usual, I am a few days late.

But, as they say, better late than never.

First of all, does anyone else feel as overwhelmed as me regarding these Common Core Standards?

The amazing thing is that I have gone to ALOT of Common Core training over the past year and REALLY felt good about everything until our district threw in this new grading system that is linked to the Common Core Standards.  Nothing like trying to come up with three formative and one summative assessments for each standard.  Say what?

Oh!  And by the way, let's just sprinkle in a new teacher evaluation system while were at it!  Our teachers can handle it.  Nothing like driving us to _______ (fill in the blank with your imagination).

At least the good thing about all this is....I LOVE MY CLASS!  If it weren't for those beautiful 23 little faces looking up at me each day, I think I would have to throw in the towel.

They still think that I am all that and a bag of chips and that makes me keep on plugging away.

Enough about my frustrations (THANKS FOR LETTING ME VENT).

Now, let me tell you about my favorites.

First, HOW DID I LIVE WITHOUT A SCOTCH THERMAL LAMINATOR?  I use this little contraption every night.  It has been my savior so far this year.  If you don't have one yet...GET IT!  Maybe the Scotch company can come up with a contraption to help classroom teachers implement the common core more easily.  They seemed to have handled the lamination industry so effectively.

Second, I know it is crazy, but I LOVE ICE!  It has been that way since I was preggers with my second child.  I don't like to drink water, but I like to chew on ice.  I am sure my dentist doesn't appreciate this, but OH WELL.

Third, did you know that I wear SLIPPERS while I teach.  Yes, you heard me right...SLIPPERS.

No, they are not the fuzzy pink kind.

And I don't wear characters on my feet either...that would be too distracting to my littles and ADHD ME.

They are simple black "ballet" style slippers.  I honestly believe they make me teach better.

My motto:  Happy Feet Equals A Happy Teacher.

As I place them on my feet each morning, I get this sudden urge to start singing the song that Mr. Rogers would sing.  You know the one!  Sing along with me...

"It's a good feeling, a beautiful feeling..."

Although the song was about being a friendly neighbor, I do believe he was actually singing about how comfortable his feet were in those shoes.

So that it!  I have done my once-a-month link up.  I do have to say, it was fun and I feel less "common core" stress.  Thanks, Farley!

So go link up...and relieve some stress!

Happy Blogging!


  1. I taught kindergarten for 6 years and KNOW EXACTLY HOW TIRED YOU ARE FEELING! :)

    I now teach 5/6 grade US history-aaahhhh......

    You aren't the only one who needs a personal secretary! I'm so behind on grading! 3 weeks in!

    We aren't being MADE to implement common core until next Fall. :)

    Hope you have a great school year!


  2. Hi Ann!
    I'm so glad we only have two days until the weekend! My feet NEED a break too. Ballet style slippers are a great idea.
    I think everyone is feeling stressed about this common core. I just started school and I'm feeling like a need a day to do paperwork too.
    Just think, the weekend is coming.. the weekend is coming!


  3. Ann I know you are in the same county as I am & we are feeling it BAD too!! We have been stressing out big time at my school too. I think the worst part of it is just trying to figure everything out. There are so many questions...Good luck with everything. I am right along with you every step of the way! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I have heard the same across the county. There has to be an easier way to do this so that teachers are not going home and spending hours on simply inputing grades. That is crazy! I really feel for those intermediate teachers.

      Good luck to you as well. Share if you hear of anything.


  4. Ann,
    This is my third year with the common core and I know it seems overwhelming at first, but then you start to realize it's all stuff you've taught anyway! It gets easier. After assessing ALL the standards last year...that was totally NUTS...we prioritized the standards and I'm hoping it will be easier.

    Hang in there...I think everyone is stressing regardless of where we are!!

    The Eagle's Nest