Saturday, November 17, 2012

I'm Thankful

Hey there!

I know...I's been awhile.

I would like to say that I have a good reason....but I don't!

Just life and work getting in the way...but it is all good!

I decided to take a few minutes to link up with Lyndsey.

She is hosting a fun linky party where you get to share what you are most thankful for right now!

So here goes....

#1  I am most thankful for my family.  It is so nice to come home and spend time with them.  We love to travel, play games, watch movies, and visit Disneyworld (we live way too close).

#2  I am thankful for my job...I love being a teacher!  Although I complain a lot about being exhausted and overworked....I know I wouldn't want to do anything else!  Teaching makes me happy!  Here is a pic of my home away from home.

#3  I am thankful that I have awesome friends who just happen to be my co-workers as well.  Here I am with Julie, Melody, and Mel...we are all dressed up in 50's gear for Melody's 50th birthday just this week (Don't you just love how her crown says she is 29?).

#4  Lastly, I am thankful for blogging friends.  Blogging has completely changed the way I teach.

After teaching for 20 years I was feeling a bit...well...let's just say in a rut.  You know...same old...same old.  Then I found the blogging community.  All of you have inspired me to be a better teacher.  However, I do believe I have gone through 3 printers since I started blogging....anyone else have this problem?

Reading your wonderful ideas that you post on your blogs get me so excited about teaching.  I rush to school, eager to share with my team...and then they get excited too!  Thank you for inspiring me and my co-workers!

What are you thankful for?  Go link up with Lyndsey at A Year Of Many Firsts and share what you are thankful for.

Happy Blogging!

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