Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

First of all...

Happy Birthday to America!

It is way too early and our bags are already packed!  We are going to the beach today!  We always go on the Fourth of July!  It is a tradition is the only way my kids can spend time with their Daddy.

Yes, my husband is one of the few who works on this special day.  Here is what he does...

He is a beach bum...but a well paid beach bum!  And...he looks pretty cute in a pair of board shorts too!

Actually, he is owner and operator of a rental concession on The World's Most Famous Beach.  The image that you see above is what is referred to as a "Set Up."  On the Fourth of July, my husband and his employees (six good looking young men, who also look good in board shorts) have to put up 150 of these bad boys.  Amazingly, by 11 am, all are rented!  Gone!

That is why we are up so early on the Fourth.  If we want one of these (which is a MUST for me), we have to get there early.

So now you have a visual of where I will be sitting for most of the day.  Right there!  Under that umbrella.  Probably in the chair on the left (I really don't know why, but I always claim that chair.  It must be my OCD tendencies.).

I know! It's a rough life!  But someone has to be married to a beach bum! Lucky me!

So, since we go to the beach ALL DAY, I try to make the Fourth a special day for the kiddos.  Here is a picture of my tradition...

This is the traditional "Fourth of July Bucket."  Each year, I purchase red, white, and blue beach buckets (Thank you, Micheal's for making my life easy!).  Use a paint marker to write names on them and then fill them up with a bunch of goodies for the kiddos.

Think of it like a Christmas Stocking but for the Fourth of July.  My kids (Alan and Abby) and the cousins (Allison, Katie, and Sammie) just love it!

This year's contents include:

  • new patriotic bathing suit/trunks
  • red,white, blue dresses (girls)/american flag t-shirt (boys)
  • patriotic beads
  • sparklers
  • red, white, and blue side walk chalk
  • pop-its
  • red and blue bubble necklaces
  • patriotic straws
The beach buckets are delivered on the morning of the Fourth and it is just like Christmas morning as they open them together and discover what treasures are hidden inside.

So, as soon as everyone else is will be beach bucket time.  Then we will go to "Daddy's Beach" wearing our new patriotic bathing suits/trunks.

After the beach (and showers, of course), it is the traditional Fourth of July photo shoot time (this is what the dresses and t-shirts are for).  Here are my two cuties from last year's photo shoot...

Aren't they just the cutest?

After photos, then it is time for our annual cookout at Grandmas, sparklers/pop-its, and FIREWORKS!

Every year is the same....but it is filled with such special traditions!

Oh...on a side is how I painted all the girls nails yesterday.  Check it out!

 Cute, huh?  Found the idea somewhere on the internet but don't remember where (remember, I suffer from ADD).

So that is a few of our family traditions for the Fourth of July.  What does your family do to celebrate our nations independence?

Happy Blogging and Happy Independence Day!


  1. How fun! What wonderful traditions!
    Rowdy in Room 300

  2. I love all your traditions-so creative and fun! Your children are precious. I hope you have a great, relaxing and fun day!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day!!

    Heather (