Friday, July 6, 2012

Fabulous Find Friday

So, I know everyone loves to find something FABULOUS (and so worth the $$$) when you are out partaking in retail therapy.

Therefore,  I thought I would share my FABULOUS FIND of the week (because just maybe you need one of these too).

First of all, let me set the classroom has a beach theme.  Thus, each year I use a "treasure box" as a positive reward system with my students. It houses large items (that are donated) and comes out every Friday.

I also use treasure buckets.  These are sand buckets that have smaller items in them.  These stay out everyday.  I may have to do a separate post on these too (Note to self!).

For the past few years, my treasure box has simply been a large, clear Sterlite Container.

I know, that's not very cute, is it?  I simply wrote "Treasure Box" on the side in bubble letters to fancy it up a bit, but it really was Blah!

I knew I wanted something a bit cuter but just couldn't find that special something, until about a week ago.

While visiting my sister in Tampa, we were doing some therapy at her local Walmart.  As we were looking in the homegoods section, they had a small area devoted to colorful cloth bins and organizers to use in kids bedrooms (cute stuff...nice colors too).  Amongst all of home organizers I see this...

Yes, it is a REAL treasure box.  Well, it's actually made of plastic but it look's like a real one.  And, it is just as large as my boring Sterlite container.

I was so excited!

And the best part, they had them in a variety of bright colors.  Of course, I didn't see any in pink or blue which are my classroom colors, but I decided to overlook that minor detail especially after seeing the price.

Are you ready for it?

This little bad boy only cost me a whopping $19.97...$9.97...$4.97!

BAM! Now that's a deal!

So of course, without hesitation, I placed one in my buggy and proudly went to the checkout isle to pay for my precious, new treasure box.

I am thinking that I must decorate it up a bit more, but I just haven't decided what to do with it. Knowing me, it will probably end up with some bling or maybe just polkadots. I can't wait to fill this little cutie-patootie and display it in my beach themed classroom.

Oh, and an added benefit for I can use that boring, clear Sterlite container to house something else.  Maybe all those wonderful freebies that I keep getting from all my blogging friends.

So that is my FABULOUS FIND.  Have you found anything fabulous this summer?  Let me know about it!

Until then, happy blogging!


  1. One of my blogging friends just told me about that yesterday!! I have a pirate theme in my classroom so I can't wait to head over to Walmart & snatch that right up! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

    1. Awesome! It's a great deal. I might even go buy an extra (just in case).

      :) Ann

  2. I decorated mine a little using vinyl: feel free to check it out: Hope this helps with a little inspiration :)


  3. Linda,

    Thanks for sharing. I will check out your post. I love seeing what other's are doing.

    :) Ann

  4. I love that treasure box. I don't really like going to walmart but I have some gifts to take back so I'll have to get one of those. I have a treasure box but it's ugly and overflowing. A new container would be perfect for a clean out. Thanks for sharing.
    Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten