Saturday, December 10, 2011

Have you read this version?

     It was everything Gingerbread in my kinder classroom last week.  We had such a great time reading all kinds of versions of The Gingerbread Man and this was the newest version.  One of my teacher friends shared it with me when she heard of my literary focus of the week.  I just have to share!

     In this version it begins in a classroom with a some students mixing up the ingredients to make a Gingerbread Man; after they pull him out of the oven they decide that he needs to cool off so the students leave the room to go to recess.  The Gingerbread Man becomes extremely concerned and starts running around the school trying to find them and, of course, he is chanting all the while.  As he is chanting and searching he runs into several different school personnel (art teacher, coach, nurse, etc.) that give him clues as the where the kids may have gone.

     My favorite part would have to be when he is missing a piece of his toe due to an accident with a soccer ball.  The coach sends him to the nurse to get fixed.  As I was reading it for the first time, I couldn't help but remember the Esteban's finger Story that Kristen posted around Halloween at A Teeny Tiny Teacher.  If you haven't read her post is probably the funniest teaching story I have ever read.  You will understand why I had that text connection.  Click on the link if you want a good laugh.
     Anyway, back to the book, this was probably the cutest version that I have found in a long time.  It has a happy ending but I will let you read it for yourself.  I don't believe in ever giving away the ending of the book.

     Here are a few other versions of the Gingerbread Man that I use during our unit:

What versions do you use when teaching about The Gingerbread Man?  I would love to hear from you.
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  1. In 2nd grade sometimes we do a math graphing activity with gingerbread boy/girl cookies. We set up a graph with the categories, head, arm, leg, and then each kid tales 1 bite we graph how many ate what part first and so on, they love it and get a real kick out of it!

    Also, I am your newest follower, feel free to follow my blog, Inside the Classroom,