Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Elf is on the Shelf

You know the little guy I am referring to:

This one!

Yes, he arrived this morning straight from the north pole!  At least that is what my kinders think!  

Each year I try to come up with a unique way for this little guy to arrive.  One year it was a package that I really sent to myself through the postal service with the return address as The North Pole.  Another year, the principal delivered it to my room covered in snow (which is amazing since I live in Florida).  I've even had "Santa Clause" call my room and send us on a scavenger hunt through the school to find the elf.  

This year, I guess I toned it down a little due to the wild overzealous interesting behaviors that I have in my classroom.  I know that you understand because I am sure you have students just like this in your class.  I am referring to those certain individuals who have a difficult time calming back down after an exciting event (Oh!  And I just have to mention that yesterday was our school's annual Walk-a-thon.  I discovered that listening to "Who Let The Dogs Out" for 30 minutes will drive any sane person to their brink!)  

So, back to the elf story...I simply had our head secretary call into my classroom stating that a Christmas gift had been delivered to the front office for me.   So I selected the two students who I knew wouldn't peek most responsible students to retrieve the gift bag. 

When the gift arrived...I really played it up.  It went something like this... "Wow!  A Christmas gift for me and it is not even Christmas yet!  I really must have been a good girl this year to receive a present from Santa so early!"  

Of course, when we opened it up...who was inside but The Elf On The Shelf!

You know the rest of the the book...discuss the the elf...put the elf up on a shelf...yada...yada...yada.

It went my only hope is that the Elf works it's magic on my few students who have wild overzealous interesting behaviors.

So I have heard that there are many others out there that use the Elf in their classroom and I have seen some wonderful ideas in the blogging community.  So I was wondering....How did you introduce your Elf On The Shelf?  Share your story with me...Maybe next year I will have a class without those wild overzealous interesting behaviors.  Maybe I will ask for that for Christmas!

Happy Blogging!


Oh...PS  I was successful in making a button for my blog but got extremely confused when it came to getting a text box to show below.  If anyone knows a simple way to do this...PLEASE SHARE!  

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