Saturday, December 31, 2011

Eleven "Thank You's" for 2011

     2011 was the year of blogging for me.  This was the year that I discovered blogs.  This was the year that I created my own blog.  This was the year that I discovered so many new blogging friends.  I don't think you realize the impact that you have made on me  and I just wanted to say Thank You.

     So I generated a list.  Here goes...

#1  Thank you Fran at Kindergarten Crayons.  Fran is the blogger that I aspire to be someday.  She has the cutest ideas and some of the best product at Teachers Pay Teachers.  I just loved her excitement this year during the Halloween season, when she planted seeds inside of an actual pumpkin. Then she kept posting pics of it growing.  She keeps me excited about what I am doing in the world of teaching.

#2  Thank you to Kristen at A Teeny Tiny Teacher.  Kristen's blog provides me with the laughter that I need on a daily basis because lord knows that teachers need a little laughter now and then.  Especially me...after all, I am working with a bunch of five year olds that haven't quite developed a sense of humor yet!  But I have to admit...I do laugh at their attempts at creating knock knock jokes.  Some day they will get it!

#3  Thank you to Marlena at Lil" Country Kindergarten.  Not only was Marlena MY VERY FIRST FOLLOWER but she also went out of the way to help me create my button for my blog and didn't even ask for anything in return!   I can tell she is a very sharing and caring person.  I am sure the two of us could be best friends!

#4  Thank you to Tammy at Live Love Laugh Everyday in Kindergarten.  Tammy always has wonderful ideas to share and lots of freebies.  She is also a very active mom but always find the time to add something to her blog.  I don't know where she finds the time to do all of this, but I am very grateful!

#5  Thank you to Pam at Can Do Kinders.  If Pam only knew how many of her freebies I have used in my classroom this year already!  She is so wonderful to share!  Oh...and she is one of my followers too!

#6  Thank you to Julie at Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten.  Mrs. Lee's blog is probably one of the most recent ones that I have been following.  A blogging friend at school introduced me to her blog and since then, I have found myself stalking her older posts to find cool ideas to use in my classroom.  I just love all the pics she posts showing her center ideas.  I am a visual learner and pics really help!

#7  Thank you to Krissy at Mrs. Miner's Monkey Business.  Krissy has an awesome, inspiring blog and is one of my followers as well.  She also sells some terrific product at  Also, I just love blogs with monkeys!  Monkeys make me laugh!

#8  Thank you to Shannon at Kindergarten Hoppenings.  Shannon has just been blessed with a beautiful baby boy and is on maternity leave.   I know she is going to LOVE being a mother.  Again, I think her and I could be best friends!  I have just about downloaded everything that she has posted on her website.  She is AWESOME to share so many freebies with the blogging world!

#9  Thank you to Deedee at Mrs. Will's Kindergarten.  Deedee is another blogger that I would love to be some day.  She has so many wonderful products at Teachers Pay Teachers.  I just love following her "Peek At My Week."  I don't think she realizes how much that "little peek" helps me with my lesson planning each week!

#10  Thank you to Deanna at Mrs. Jump's Class.  I can tell that Deanna is a very talented teacher who loves to share.  Again, she has incredible product at Teachers Pay Teachers.  I know it sounds silly, but I would love to be a fly on her classroom wall someday!

#11  And the final thank you goes to Charity at Kindergarten Klub.  Christy has created this wonderful blog that not only has an updated, rolling list of recent blog posts but you can even add your blog to her list!  The traffic on my blog has increased tremendously since I added it to her blog roll.  Another added benefit to following this blog is that you can find new blogs everyday!  It is so nice to know that there are highly creative and tech savvy people out there that can make blogging easier for us newbies.

     Well, thats it!  It was so difficult for me to narrow it down to just eleven blogs.  Each and every blog that I follow has inspired me in some way to be a better teacher and I thank you as well for doing what you do on your blog.  I hope that I have too inspired someone out there in the blogging world.  In our career, it is nice to know that our inspiration can reach beyond the walls of our classroom.

     I wish everyone a happy and healthy 2012.




  1. Ann, this post absolutely made my day! Thank you so much for being such a sweetheart! I'm sure if we met we could be best friends, too!

    I like your new winter'y' blog background. It looks so pretty and make me think SNOW DAY!!! Ha!

    Happy New Year! I hope all your bloggy wishes come true this year!

    Lil' Country Kindergarten

  2. Thanks Marlana for being a follower and helping me with my button. Happy New Year to you as well!

  3. And here is a "Thank You" to you:


    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check it out when you have time!