Sunday, November 6, 2011 it has been quite some time since I have shared one of my own ideas, so I thought maybe I should do my part.  

Our fabulous First Grade team of teachers decided to implement a new project with their students this school year for Halloween and it turned out to be a hit.  The students were asked to decorate a pumpkin like their favorite storybook character.  They had to bring the book and their finished pumpkin to school the week prior to Halloween.  All of the pumpkins were displayed in the media center and the entire school voted on their favorites.  The finished products were absolutely adorable.  Some of our favorites were Nemo, Hello Kitty, SpongeBob Squarepants, Spiderman, and The Cat in the Hat.  Here is a few pictures of my daughter (who is in first grade creating her Storybook Character Pumpkin).

Abby Painting her pumpkin...

Abby painting the face of The Cat in the Hat...

We painted whiskers, ears, and a bow...

The final product (without the was stored in a bin in my classroom).

Here is the final product on display in our school's media center.  I am so proud of my little Abby.  She did an awesome job.

Like I said, this was a great and fun project for the first graders.  You may want to try this next year. 

Happy Pumpkin Designing!

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  1. It was more than we could have imagined because of awesome parents like you! Check out an iMovie of the finished products on my blog!