Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Saturday all!  It was so nice to sleep in this morning...even if it was only until 7:15.  That is sleeping in for me.  How about you?

Anyway, here are some wonderful ideas that I have found this week while searching some of my favorite blogs.

1.  Marlana over at  Lil' Country Kindergarten has shared a very cute labeling activity just in time for Thanksgiving.  It is free printables to help your students label the parts of the Mayflower.  Marlana is such a creative teacher!

2.  Rachelle and Natalie over at What a Teacher Wants always share some wonderful ideas!  The ladies shared a really cute writing prompt free downloadable titled My Favorite Part of Halloween.  They have it for both primary and upper grades.  Grab it while you can and save it for next year.

3.  Fran at Kindergarten Crayons is amazing. If you haven't yet, you MUST check out her stuff on TPT!  However, she does have a cute freebie on her website to use at Thanksgiving with your little ones to check their beginning sound knowledge.  You can grab it here.  Also, take a look at her pumpkin science activities; they are just as cute.  She is such an awesome teacher and us bloggers are so lucky to have her.

4.  I recently discovered a new blog:  A Teacher's Touch.  Linda has shared some awesome ideas and has lots of freebies for you.  I especially loved her fall songs and free fall patterns.  These freebies are great and just in time for my unit next week on Fall.

5.  I must leave you with probably the funniest teacher story I have ever read.  If you want a GREAT on over to A Teeny Tiny Teacher and read Kristen's True Halloween Story.  I laughed so hard my husband heard me and then I had to read it a second time to him.  The first time I laughed; the second time I laughed so hard I cried.  I hope no one ever has anything like this happen to them during their teacher career.  Bless you Kristen for surviving such an ordeal and thanks for sharing!

Well, that's it!  That is my top FIVE for this week.  I might have to up it to my top TEN, because my lists just keep getting longer and longer as I search blogs each night.  Thanks to all those wonderful teachers our their in blogging land!!!

Happy Printing!

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  1. Well, don't you just know how to totally make a girl's day?!! Thanks so much for including a link to my printable and for your kind words! What a sweet blessing today! I appreciate your kindness, Ann.

    :) Marlana
    Lil' Country Kindergarten