Sunday, February 24, 2013

Organized Teacher Space

As I mentioned before, I LOVE ORGANIZATION.

And, although, I am a little behind on this linky, I still wanted to participate.

It just took me a little longer than I thought to complete.  I don't understand's not like we don't have any meetings, parent conferences, paperwork, carpool duty, lesson planning, professional developments (I am a common core leader and teach lessons once a month for my faculty)....I think you get the picture.

So here are the before pictures of my teacher space...

 My teacher space (no desk)

 My work basket and essential tools

 My Sterlite towers that store just about everything that I need.

 My two file cabinets with paper organizer on top.

 My sub communication corner.
Has anything posted that a sub may need to know (seating plan, how they get home, clinic passes, referrals, daily schedules, bus colors, etc.).

My assessment files and my trash can (that drives me crazy).

What do I like about my teacher space:
  1. I love my Sterlite drawers.  I have EVERYTHING that I could possibly need to teach and plan right behind me.
  2. I love that I use my small group table as my desk.  It keeps me from allowing the clutter to build up.
  3. I love my essential tool basket on my desk.  You can't see it from the picture, but it has a starfish glued to the front.  I made it a few years ago.  It has grading markers, pens, pencils, stickers, parent notes, clinic passes, referrals.  It's right within reach.
What would I change in my teacher space:
  1. I am not sure if you can see from the picture, but I have one more Sterlite tower on the other side of my file cabinet.  It seems so out of place there.  It's lonely!  I need to get it with the others (my OCD talking).
  2. I HATE my garbage can sticking out.  It is ALWAYS in my way and it is ugly!  I need to find it a home WHERE I WON'T TRIP OVER IT.
  3. My sub communication center always looks so cluttered to me.  I need to re-evaluate it and see what I need to do.
  4. I would love to paint or cover my file cabinets but that will have to be a summer project.  No time to tackle that right now.
So, I spent a LITTE TIME, re-organizing my teacher space and here are my AFTER pictures...

 A clean table.
* still has my essential supplies basket and my work basket.
* the clipboard houses my lesson plans for the week.
* I LOVE my hot pink chair (IKEA find).

 The top of the Sterlite towers.
* Small Sterlite drawers & assessment files.
* Notice the small fan (essential at my flashes)
* I love my assessment notebooks; I covered them with duct tape and added hot pink ribbon.

 My Sterlite Towers-LOVE!
* I moved the 4th one over.
* LOOK!  I had room for the trash can to the side.  It's not sticking out any more!
* All labeled-LOVE!
*Summer project...glue paper to the front of each drawer (on the inside) so you can see the labels better.

 My file cabinets and paper organizer
* pink and blue baskets house I-pod stations (they come out daily).
* snack jars on top

 Small Sterlite drawers
*pencil sharpener
*cassette player 
*Note the missing drawer (another teacher has it, these drawers house my easy readers)

 My awards and gift shelves
*these shelves my husband installed
*they house all my awards and special gifts from students over the years.

A bare wall?
Use to be my sub communication center.
All of those papers are now housed in a binder.
I like how clean this looks. 
I plan on making this an "I Can" wall to celebrate my student's accomplishments.

Here is a look at the clean teacher space...

Overall, I am pleased with the outcome.  Oh, and my summer project list seems to be growing...I even added to make a table skirt to hide extra clutter and maybe even make those cute crate seats.

So that's my teacher space.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my little home away from home.  I hope you link up with Clutter Free Classroom and share some of your organizational ideas.  That way my summer to-do list can keep growing.  LOL!

Happy Blogging!

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