Friday, February 1, 2013


I don't know about you...but I am so glad it is Friday.

Wow!  What a busy week! doesn't look like it is going to slow down next week for me either.

Therefore, I am hoping that this weekend goes by very S  L  O  W  L  Y!

It's February!  You know what that means...time to link up with Farley for the new Currently.

Here is what is happening with me...

Amazingly I only posted three of my pet peeves.  I have MANY (Remember, I am diagnosed with OCD).

Out of these three, the one that drives me the craziest would be the cushions being a mess on the couch.

And believe me, having two kids and a dog, they seem to be disheveled every time I come in the room. I have tried to ignore them, but to no avail...I MUST FIX THEM!

Anyone else like this?

Also, I could surely use a "Snow Day" here in Florida!  We came close today!  We actually had frost on our windshields this morning.  Yes, frozen condensation in Florida.  Amazing!

My daughter actually shoved me out of the way as she bombarded out the door to go play with the FROST on the car before school.

However, my native, Floridian dog walked out into the yard to do her morning "business" and as soon as she stepped on the frozen grass she turned around and hightailed it back in without doing her "duty."  She just stood there staring at me as if to say "Can't you go warm it up with a hairdryer or something!"  She would NEVER survive in snow.

Do you have any Pet Peeves?  Have you had any snow days this year?

Go link up and tell us about it.

Happy Blogging!


  1. Hi! I'm here from Farley's Currently! So you live in Florida! Want some company? I PROMISE I won't leave the cushions wonky or leave any dirty dishes or clothes on the floor! Pinky promise! I'm SO jealous of your warm weather! I lived in Georgia for a year and the Summer and Fall were too hot for me. I guess I'll never find the perfect spot will I? LOL! We've had three snow days this year and actually it was only for a bit of snow one day and ice and rain the other two days. You might not get any snow days but at least you don't have to make up any days at the end of the year! :o)

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    1. Karyn,

      LOL! You can come visit anytime, especially if you are going to keep my cushions in order (THAT IS MY BIGGEST PET PEEVE.).
      :) Ann

  2. If you find a maid...can you send her my way?? Cleaning is not something I like to do but I'm doing it this weekend:(
    Newest follower here:)

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    1. Tammy,

      Every holiday my husband always asks me what I want as a gift. I always say...."A maid." He just laughs and never gets me one. When will he realize that I'm serious? LOL!

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. We actually had frost on our windshields the other day too-I was using a credit card to scrape it off (of course, I don't own a scraper)-felt very MacGyver. We have gotten just a frosting of snow in past years, I don't think my dog even noticed the difference-oh, white grass today! :)


    1. Miss Trayers,

      Scraper...what's that? Just kidding!

      Thanks for visiting!


  4. Oh I would LOVE a maid to do all of that for me! A girl can dream right???? I spent some time over Christmas in Florida and we did not get much warm weather! :( I was hoping for some though! Oh well maybe next time!

  5. Julie,

    I believe that every working mom should have a maid. It's just a shame that we all can't afford one. BUMMER!

    Sorry about your bum weather over Christmas. You never know what to expect in the winter here in Florida. It will go from 85 to 30 on any given day. Yesterday I was in short sleeves, today long sleeves.

    I can't wait for SPRING!

    Thanks for visiting my little virtual world.