Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rainbow Fish

It is hard to believe that there are only 10 days left with my little kinders.  Where has the time gone?

We have done so many fun crafts this year but this one was one of my favorites and I just had to share (I can't believe I found not one but two pictures).

While learning about ocean life, one of my favorite books to read is The Rainbow Fish.  After reading the story, I just love modeling how to do crayon resist watercolor painting on a paper plate.  Here is my sample:

Basically, I first show them how to make a paper plate fish by cutting out a triangle from one side and stapling the triangle to the other side (I love how they think this is simply magical and all of the sudden they begin cutting and creating an entire family of fish, even though you only said to create one.).

Then, I model drawing the details on the fish with a black or white crayon (eye, scales, squiggly lines on fins, etc.).

Next, I use other color crayons to fill in some of the scales on the fish (rainbow colors).

Last, we use mostly blue watercolor to paint the entire paper plate and, of course, magically wherever they used the crayon, the paint won't stick.  They love this.

Every year I think this project would be even cuter if we add silver glitter to add some shiny scales but I never seem to get to that part (Ever since my district did away with classroom assistants in kindergarten, my glitter seems to come out less.  I wish I could monitor the glitter bin and teach small reading groups simultaneously, don't you?)

Here is a pic of one of my kinders Rainbow Fish:

No two turns out the same, but I just love what they create (notice how they opted to use other water color paints...I think that is wonderful).

Well, I still have 10 days left with my cuties and I need to go plan some more wonderful learning activities for them, even if it seems like they have already tuned me out.  Anyone else feel the same?

Happy Blogging!


  1. Super cute idea. Im going to have to try this one!

    The Teacher Tattles

  2. LOVE these fish! What a good idea!
    Rowdy in Room 300

  3. Thanks! They do turn out really cute and I always love what my kinders create. Sometimes they come up with better ideas than me.

    :) Ann

  4. the fishies came out so cute!!

    love your background so your newest follower..drop by

    Just Wild About Teaching