Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gift Idea

Okay...so I am a little behind on this post, but I thought I would share the "idea" because it could be tweaked as a volunteer or end of the year teacher gift.
Here is a pic of what my students (with my help) made for their mom's for Mother's Day.

From this image, it looks like a real flower in a tiny pot, but it is really a pen and the pot is a pen holder.  Let me show you a few other images that might help.

The small pots are clay pots that were purchased 3 for a dollar from the dollar tree.   The pens were purchased for .97 cents for a dozen from Walmart.  I purchased the fake flowers from the dollar tree as well (I particularly like the gerber daisy's but all kind of flowers turn out so cute.)  The grass was left over from Easter.  Underneath the grass is a piece of foam that the cap of the pen is stuck into (this help keeps the pen in the holder and standing tall).

My students painted the pots and assembled the bases (after the paint was dry).  They picked out what kind of flower they thought their mother would like (I had a variety of colors).  Then I added the flower by using floral tape.  

We put them in a white bag with a tag that the kinders  wrote stating "If mother's were flowers, I'd pick you."  

That's where I can see that this can be easily adapted, for example: If volunteer's were flowers, We'd pick you.  

These really turn out cute.  As a matter of fact, I have an entire vase of them sitting right by my phone to use everyday.  They look like a pot of gerber daisy but they really are pens.  Who knew?

I hope you can use this idea for next Mother's Day or maybe adapt it for an end of the year gift for someone.

Happy Blogging!

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