Sunday, April 15, 2012


Well...not really!  But I have to tell you about my lucky find that happened yesterday.

You know, yesterday was Saturday, which is suppose to be laundry and cleaning day at my house; well that got placed on the back burner since I had to take my daughter to her grandmother's house who lives about 30 minutes away.

After the drop off, I just so happen to have to pass by a very large shopping plaza that has a Target (must do), Ross (fun do, if you have the time), TJ Max (fun do, if you really have the time), Dollar Tree (must do) and a Michaels (must do, even if you are sicker than a dog).  

So of course, I had to rationalize a reason with myself as to why I should stop at least at Target (dollar spot my daughter needed new underwear).  Then, of course, if the car is already parked, I might as well take a little time to at least go in the must do's, and then maybe the fun do's.

Well, let's just say all the other stores were not supporting the fact that I had money to spend (which can be a good thing).  So, I was getting pretty depressed that my urge to splurge wasn't being properly addressed.

Nearly defeated, I walked into my last stop: Michaels (actually thinking that I might find some Easter left overs on I already don't have enough...I didn't even post about the cutest clearance stuff I found at Walmart and the 10 packages of Peeps that I had to buy...3 are already eaten...shhhh! Don't tell anyone!).

As soon as I walked in the door, there it was!

An entire display with the most beautiful, yellow sign hanging over it:  Everything 80% taken at register.  

I look down and I see a variety of teacher items (stickers, certificates, badges, nameplates, notepads, etc.).   So...I do what every teacher would do... I begin selecting a few 100th day items all the while thinking to myself: "Hey, this is a pretty good sale."

Then, I walk around the display to the other side.  I do believe my heart actually stopped beating at that moment.  

Shut the front door (I think I even said those words out loud...right there in Michael's...for all to hear).

I had to do a double take.

I seriously could not believe it!

There, in front of my eyes was an entire display of Dr. Seuss items:  Bulletin boards, stickers, flashcards, certificates, pointers, bookmarks, copy paper, hats.  


Again...I did what every sane teacher would do...I took a deep breath,  I looked around to see if anyone else was eyeing my find, I ran for the nearest shopping cart (nearly knocking over an elderly lady on the way).

I returned with my shopping cart, relieved that no one else was taking my stash and then the chaos shopping began.  

I know you are just dying to see a here goes.

You will notice that many of the items were purchased in sets of four.  I have to admit....I am not a selfish person...even though it looks like it!  I purchased for myself and the other three teachers on my team.  Of course, I had to call my team leader after the purchase and gloat but she was just as excited as me about my find (that's what I love about her).

Here is a closer look at what I found:
certificates 4 @ .99 each

Flashcards  4 @ .79 each

sticker packs 4 @ .39 each

hats 3 @ $2.39 each

copy paper 4 @ .99 each

stickers 2 @ .39 each

Bookmarks 6 @ .59 each

Bookmarks 4 @ .59 each

LED pointers 3 @ $1.39 each

Banner 1 @ .79 each

Banner 1 @ .79 each

Bulletin Board 1 @ $1.99 each

For a grand total of...

Now you can see why I feel like I hit the jackpot!  The 20 cent items at the bottom were the 100th Day certificates and badges (which were also an awesome deal).

So that's it!  Has this ever happened to you?  Don't you just love when you hit the jackpot?  

Oh, and by the way, you may want to check out your nearest Michael's today.  Just don't knock over any elderly ladies on your way to the shopping carts.

Happy Shopping Blogging!


  1. Wow! I am so impressed! What a great find for you and your team! Enjoy all of that Seussy goodness!

    Lil' Country Kindergarten

  2. Thanks, Marlana. Now I just have to find a place to store it until next year. Did you see I finally figured out how to put my button image at the top. I am a slow learner when it comes to this blogging stuff.

    :) Ann

  3. Awesome! Hopefully I can go today and find some good deals at my locals Michael's store. Books-A-Million is going to have a summer reading program which is all about Dr. Seuss so these would be great to include with them for the kids I tutor. :-) Thanks!!

  4. Great post! Its so much fun to find great deals!

    following you from Pinterest! =)