Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Favorite Things

Now that school out (other than two post planning days), I have time to catch up on blogs.

During blog surfing this morning, I discovered that Mary over at Sharing Kindergarten is hosting a fun Linky Party:

So here are my top five favorite things:

#1  The Beach

Although I was born and raised in Illinois, I am a beach girl all the way.  I love everything about the beach.  My house decor is beach themed and my classroom decor is beach themed.  When we go on vacation, we generally go to the beach.  We live four blocks away from the beach and my husband owns a rental stand in Daytona Beach.   Ironically, my school is less than one block away from the beach; on quiet days, you can even hear the roll of the surf.  I believe it is calling out my name every day.  My newest beach love...paddleboarding!

#2 My MacBook

When I am not at the beach, you can usually find me playing on my MacBook.  Sometimes, I even sneak it to the beach with me (living dangerously).  Prior to this year, I was only a PC girl.  However, a teacher at our school wrote a grant to the Apple Corporation and our school received over $750,000 in Apple product (Amazing, huh?).  Every teacher in our school now has at least one MacBook and some classroom's have an entire class set (for Grant research).  We also received iPads (6 per classroom) and iTouches (12 per classroom).  In just one year's time, this PC girl has become a Mac Lover!  Mac goes to bed with me everynight...oh, and the hubby shares the bed with us. 

#3 My Keurig Machine

And of course, when I am working on my MacBook, there is always a cup on coffee in my hand thanks to my Keurig Machine.  I don't know how I survived all those years without this handy little contraption.  I do know that my regular coffee machine (Grinder), who sits on the opposite end of the counter, is quite jealous of all the attention that Keurig gets.  Grinder should be happy.  At least now he doesn't have to work a 24 hour shift.  Instead he gets used once a day and can just lounge in my kitchen for the remainder of the day while Keurig has to work on my demand.   The way I look at it is that Grinder should be thanking me and mocking Keurig!

#4  Cruising

Do they have Keurig machine's on Cruise Ships?  No, but they do have 24 hour coffee!  Cruising would have to fall into my top five favorite things.  We go on a lot of cruises....after all, I live in Florida and have five departure ports within driving distance of us.  It is amazing the last minute deals you can find too; they are so good they are almost paying us to fill up the cruise ship.  We are a family that keeps our passports always up to date because you never know when mommy is going to say "Pack your bags, kids.  We leave for a cruise tomorrow."  Also, cruising allows me to visit all those lovely tropical locations that know...BEACHES!!!

#5 Nikon D7000

And lastly, this little puppy.  My camera!  It has to rank as one of my favorites!  It goes with me everywhere.  My husband says that it is another child because when we are packing the car to go somewhere, we first check to see that we have all our kids and then the next question is..."Did you get the camera?"  Even my kids have started asking this question when when we load up.  "Nik" is a wonderful camera.  It is so user friendly too!  He wasn't my first Nik...he is actually my third Nik.  The other two are jealous of him because he gets the most attention now.  Maybe I should put Nik 1 and Nik 2 on the counter with Grinder and they all can have a pitty party together. Oh, and they could invite PC too.  Hey!  It's not my fault...they need to stop making new technology and then I will be able to control myself.

Anywho, that is my top five favorite things. 

What are your favorite things?  Go link up and share.

Happy Blogging!



  1. My first "real" teaching job was in DeLand when we lived in Daytona Beach for two years right out of college. My now hubby and I went on vacation for two weeks and stayed for two years, lol.

  2. We like a lot of the same things! I love the beach and my Keurig coffee maker too!! I also like to cruise- to wonderful beaches of course! :)
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