Saturday, January 28, 2012

Learning and Loving It!

This week has been a crazy busy week for me.  

On Monday, I started my week by beginning our school's Book Talk Club on Debbie Diller's book Math Work Stations with my friends at Sunshine, Sand and Scissors.

We started with Chapter one and it was a great learning time for our K-3 teachers.  It is so nice to share ideas with other educators and the best part is that I have found so many wonderful ideas from other blogs.  Last year in June, Deedee Wills hosted a Math Work Stations Blog Party for Chapter 1 and 2.  All of the links that were shared during her linky party helped us to beef up our book chat.  The teachers were very excited about finding grade specific ideas on other blogs.

Then on Wednesday, another K-teacher and I attended a fabulous workshop with one of favorite presenters/bloggers, Kim Adsit.   If you have never had the opportunity to attend one of her workshops, you are really missing out.  We have seen her numerous times at the SDE Kindergarten Conference in Orlando and in Las Vegas.  She is a wonderful speaker.  This time we attended DI for the Little Guy.  It was awesome!  She shared so many wonderful ways to differentiate instruction in the classroom and even helped us to realize that we are often differentiating instruction and not even aware of it.   Also, she has so many fantastic free downloads on her  website.  Check it out!

Now, I am continuing my week of learning in style!  It is 10 am and I am still in my jammies, sipping on my favorite cup of coffee and anxiously awaiting the start of Everything's Kindergarten Virtual Teaching Expo.  Yes, I paid the whopping price of $14.95 to attend a workshop in my jammies.  I have to say...WHAT A DEAL!  I can't wait to see what FranHadarCrystal, and Krissy have to share.  I know it will be good great FANTASTIC!  Also, have you seen all the free downloads you get?  That is a no brainer if you ask me.

Is anyone else still in their jammies waiting for the expo to start?  
Is anyone else reading Debbie Diller's Math Work Stations book? anyone just glad it is the weekend?  

Whatever you are doing today, have a wonderful time!

Happy Blogging,


  1. I loved this book! I has really changed my math instruction :) Have fun at the Expo and have a happy weekend! I know I will :)

    Lisa :)
    Made In The Shade In Second Grade

    1. Lisa,
      Thanks for the comment. I have found that this book is changing the way in which I teach math as well. At times I feel a bit overwhelmed because I am reading this during the school year and trying to implement my new ideas now rather than waiting until next year. I can't wait until I have more time to focus on my organization and preplanning for next year. I know that it will all come together once I do that component.

      :) Ann

  2. I have Literacy Work Stations by Debbie Diller. It's a great book, but I've never read her math one. I keep seeing it popping up. I should probably take a look. I'm sure it's great. Thanks for sharing.

    Forever in First

    1. Tammy,

      It is a wonderful book! I highly recommend reading it and it is more fun when you can do it with a group of teachers. If gives you someone to share your thoughts and ideas with.


  3. Here's a link to some of the best ideas I found during the summer book study.

    I'm listening to the Everything's Kindergarten Virtual Expo right now. :) Did you enjoy it?

    Lil' Country Kindergarten

  4. Marlana,

    Thanks for the link! You are so helpful!

    I just finished watching all of the Expo and I loved everyone's presentation. They were all so well prepared for sharing their knowledge. I even got so excited that I had to sneak into my classroom today and do a little preparation/implementation for this coming week. I would have to say the one presenter that taught me the most was Crystal from Kreative in Kindergarten. I currently do not do Writer's Workshop but look forward to implementing many of her ideas in the near future.


  5. I read that book this summer, Ive been implementing it slowly this year. I teach special ed so we need lots of practice to get independent with things!

    Im your newest follower :)

    Ms. Rachel’s Room